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Story A Father Killed by His Son Moshi Tanzania


LIVING: There is a Swahili proverb that says; “This loneliness is a stench, leaving is not good!” Welanzari Kimaro (60), a resident of Muroma Village, Masama Ward, Hai District,

 Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, who is alleged to have been killed by his son, interprets the statement. Kimaro recently lost his life by being stabbed by his son. 

 Mourners from inside and outside the village attended the funeral of Kimaro who died on the spot while repairing a wall of trees surrounding his house located in Kiduruni Sub-district in the village. According to eyewitnesses, the alleged perpetrator is the fourth of five children born to Kimario.

 It is reported that in addition to causing death to Kimario, he also injured his mother who was preparing breakfast. The woman, Joyce Swai (51), was injured in the leg before screaming for help from neighbors and the boy disappeared into the unknown where he is wanted by the Kilimanjaro Regional Police Force. 

 The witnesses testified that, after being injured, the mother was rushed to KCMC Referral Hospital to save her life and then returned home for the funeral of her beloved husband. Speaking during the event to rest her husband, the mother said she had learned something through the challenge she went through. As the proverb says; “There is no hill without a grave!” 

The body of the deceased was laid to rest at his eternal home in the Kimario clan farm, in front of about 400 mourners. Speaking at different times on FRIDAY, mourners at the tragedy said the occurrence of the incident had taught them a lesson about the upbringing of their youth and society at large. For his part, Masama Central Ward Councilor Kandata Kimaro said; “This tragedy has shocked many, saddened many, was unplanned, but the scriptures say to be ready for the right and the wrong time.” However, 

Kimaro volunteered to educate one of the deceased’s children who will be in seventh grade next year. Retired Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), John Njau urged mourners to realize that there is no good or bad death, but death is just death.

 “There is no good or bad death; “Death is just death, death is the enemy, it separates you from those you love, the father is gone, we can’t add more,” he said. Njau who collaborated with Evangelist Onesmo Makere of the Roman Congregation to lead the funeral service said; “I beg you, people, do not add hatred to this, shut your mouth in this, cursed be the devil, the boy there to meet Jesus, come back, apologize to his mother and I believe he will be forgiven.”


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