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I will never forget how I found my husband and Mchepuko in our room


Nothing hurts in a relationship like betrayal but you find a man betraying you and still bringing you contempt to the point of bringing him to where you live, that is, the bed you sleep on is the one he sleeps with and then he does their thing! It hurts a lot. 

My name is Mariam, I am a 35 year old woman, I got married several years ago and God has given us three children. I live in Tegeta with my husband. My husband and I have loved each other so much since we got married, our marriage was one of the best marriages so much so that even my homosexuals were jealous of the way my husband loved me and cared for me. Nothing I wanted my husband failed to give me. Later, though, things began to change for the better in my marriage. The peace and love that had always reigned, began to melt away, and the marriage began to suffer with each passing day. 

 My husband began to show significant behavioral changes, initially each was free to hold the phone of the other but my husband began to refuse me to touch his phone and if I held on then there was a big quarrel between us. It got to the point where he put a lot of passwords on his phone and even when he got back to work, he has no time with me anymore, all the time he is busy with his phone until midnight. 

This situation had a profound effect on me, especially since I was so in love with my husband. I kept wondering what had happened to him? I did not get any answers. It got to the point where even my right to marry was no longer paid. I tried several times to ask him gently so that if there was something I had probably done wrong without his knowledge, then I would apologize and forgive him so that our love would continue as before but to no avail! He became very open with me.

I was very patient, at last I had to ask for advice from my closest homosexual. I climbed the daladala and went to the Museum where this gay man works for me. After I explained my problems to him, he told me that there was a specialist he knew and he was the one who helped him get a job after struggling for many years without getting a job since he finished college. 

He told me that the specialist is called Dr. Kiwanga and is available in Kenya, his phone number is +254 769 404 965 or the website www.kiwangadoctors.com. I asked the specialist in Kenya and I am in Dar es Salaam, how can he help me when he is away? He told me that was not a problem, even he helped her by phone and gave her all the instructions and in the end she managed to get a job. I thanked him and a short time later I phoned Dr. Kiwanga, introduced myself to him and explained everything about my husband. I told her the first thing I wanted to know was what was wrong with my husband? Why has he changed so much? He told me that was a very small problem for him. 

He told me that he would do his thing no matter where he was and then I would see the results within twenty-four hours. So I said good-bye to him, went back to work for my gay friend, and thanked him profusely. Since it was still early in the morning, I said good-bye and returned home to cook for my children so that they would not have to worry about returning to school in the evening. So I climbed the daladala from the Museum back to Tegeta to my home.

 When I left, I said good-bye to my husband and told him that I would be late for the visit because my brother was sick. When I got home, I was shocked to see my husband’s car parked outside, it was not his custom to be home at that time, again on a working day, I knew he might have had an emergency.


As I entered the gate and approached the front door, I was shocked to see my husband’s shoes as well as other women’s shoes, I felt that maybe he had come with a stranger. Surprisingly, when I entered the living room I did not see any stranger or my husband. I decided to go and look for her in the closet, as I approached the bedroom door, I was shocked to hear a woman’s groans indicating that it was as if my husband had brought a woman into our room.

 I was stunned as if in disbelief. I approached the door trembling and opened the door! La haualaa! My husband was in bed with the secretary at work for them, as they were born. My body was exhausted, and I was stunned, not knowing what to do. The woman got up and took off her clothes and went to dress in the living room. My husband also put on his clothes, and I was in agony, tears welling up in my eyes. When my mind calmed down, I realized that the woman had run away, I went out to look for my husband, I realized that he had also left and the car was no longer there.

 I was very hurt in my heart but as much as I love this man, I found myself forgiving him even before he apologized to me. The strange thing is that that day my husband did not return home until the next morning, the next day I called Dr. Kiwanga again with the same numbers, +254 769 404 965, I told him everything that happened and told him because I already knew the problem that made my husband change, please return home to let’s talk about it, he told me that’s also a very small task for him. He gave me instructions on what to do, I really followed everything he told me.

 That evening my husband came back very kindly, apologized to me and told me that his relatives were the ones who advised him to look for another woman because I was unemployed and told me he had planned to fire me but he knew his mistakes. He apologized profusely and promised that he would never do it again. I could not believe my eyes, I told him I had forgiven him and I wanted us to live well and raise our children. I later had to call Dr. Kiwanga to thank him, and he told me he was also dealing with many other problems including couples missing children, struggling without finding work but also treating all chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, TB and other diseases that failed in the hospital.


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