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Esma, Queen Darleen As in the Past


DAR: The recent rumors circulating on social media that two brothers linked to Bongo Fleva star, Nasibu Abdul ‘Diamond Platnumz’ Esma Khan and Restaurant Abdul ‘Queen Darleen’, are not stealing the same pot, have finally disappeared. Let it be known to you that, Esma and Darleen, now things are as old as if nothing had happened between them. 

 The scandal ended earlier this week, after Esma posted a picture of herself with Darleen on her Instagram account and accompanied them with words indicating they have a television show that will show their real life (reality show) and keep their friends open-mouthed. “Except these sisters mmh! Let me just shut up, our reality show soon or let’s stop this Insta? ” Esma asked Darleen where she allegedly answered this; “(Laughter emoji) let’s put 

Wasafi TV on because Insta doesn’t get any money or sponsors!” After noticing that homosexuality had returned to normal, the Friday newspaper contacted Esma herself to discuss the matter without success, but was lucky enough to find Darleen who briefly replied that she had never had a problem with her brother. “When did Esma and I have an argument? We ourselves were amazed at how people say we are not right, when we are right, leave us alone because people can’t talk about other people than our family? ” She interviews 

Darleen who recently gave birth to her first child with her husband, Isihaka Mtoro. Rumors have recently surfaced that the two are cats and mice after it was reported that Esma’s ex-husband, Yahaya Msizwa, had been Darleen’s sponge, which is why Esma could not even attend some of Darleen’s activities, including her son’s 40-year-old Balqis. of Mbezi-Beach in Dar, where they used to live before things went awry recently and moved to Kimara in Dar.


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