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Endless Sweetness -01


Inside the black Jeep he was listening to very soft music! Many of his thoughts are about his meeting with Chinese businessmen. Mzee Mombasa needed to expand the scope of his business and make it more international, he did not want to be the only local businessman, he needed big nations to recognize him and grow the Tanzanian economy.

 His journey would end at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Despite being the largest businessman in the country, he had a reputation for being stingy. And this is what made him rich, because giving money without his basic reasons, was difficult. In his youth he never had another woman until he married Sabrina who is now called Defrine’s mother. This man is very rich, has a business abroad and in the country and that day he was going to a business session where in his wallet (breafcase) there were millions of US dollars. Each time he looked at it to see if he was late for a meeting with his fellow businessmen. He now approached the entrance to the hotel.

 Suddenly he saw something and was very shocked. He chose to slow down and finally apply the brakes completely. His eyes met a very beautiful girl. He did not have the habit of coveting women indiscriminately, strangely to this day the man was stunned for a while not knowing what to do to control this new situation that entered his mental system. 

“Mombasa, pretend you haven’t seen anything, let’s not give up…” he covered his eyes with a palm so as not to see the girl, strangely the eyes kept looking, he let go of his face parts of the eyes and zipped his pants, he touched a fellow man. “Listen, I warned you to love in vain, why but… now the woman you are confused with has something new that defeats your wife? Stop giving up… ”Mombasa said to himself, even though his soul seemed to have completely stopped listening to him. He continued to faint. The girl who cut in front of him formed every department, not a leg, shape, figure number eight, wowowowooo! Eyes large enough to relax, paint color and so on. Most of all she was walking around with a smile like the beauty of the world.

Elder Mombasa from seeing the beauty his heart went into a certain weakness which he himself did not understand. The weakness of sudden love. “Mmh! She’s so cute, I don’t know what she’s eating, girls these days are very attractive but this one is over, I love her and she has captured all my emotions! ” She whispered to herself as she stared at him as she walked away, slowly lowered the windshield of her car and called her a nickname (fake name). “Hey! Baby! ” He was shocked by the statement, however the girl did not turn around and instead had now turned her back on him, a situation that further exhausted Mombasa.3

 He forgot about the meeting at this time, his mind was captured by an African boy, patriotism overcame him and he got out of the car following behind him regardless of whether he was someone’s wife or he could be given a negative response and probably ruin his day. “I’m sorry, daughter!” This time he approached her and let out a heavy scratching sound. The girl turned and met the face of the vice-man, by looking at him he understood the man standing in front of him no doubt his age was between 45 or 50 years. 

“Tell me your problem, I’m in a little hurry!” She looked like a capable girl, her gold necklace made her more attractive, and there was a name mentioned in the necklace, Monica Gama. Before he could continue to speak or be answered by Mzee Mombasa, immediately a phone call from Monica Gama’s necklace began to ring. “Sorry!” Before receiving the call this voice came from a beautiful person and received a call. “Hello! Daddy..I’m Coming…, ”he said in a low, cool voice. He paused for a moment and continued… “Five minutes, I’ll be there…” 

He answered and hung up. The old man from Mombasa knew that maybe the girl was actually somewhere. “Okay, I know you’re in a hurry but .. mmh! Yah! My name is Momba Gems, I am an international businessman… I am in Tanzania for about a month so I would like you to be my host, give me a company…, ”he said firmly, he did not know what answer would fall on him. “Mmh! What company, do you know me? ” The pretty girl eating something asked him. “I did not know, that was the beginning of my acquaintance there! And my company is comfortable and show me every region of Tanzania! ”

“Okay, in short a man’s wife, I’m not allowed by my husband to accompany men I don’t know and even I know… my husband is very jealous… you see this ring… how can I get out of you?” He said in a calm, calm voice, Mombasa took a deep breath and looked at the beautiful woman in front of him, looked at her with a ring finger, and showed her a wedding ring, again expensive. “Thank you for telling me the truth that you are married, I am also married and I love my marriage very much, and the secret I can tell you I have never had another girl since I was born, but my wife Mama Defrine… Ok, don’t waste time, please take my Business card and call me…,” he reached out to pick up the card. “Sorry, there is also your gift I want to give you, come and get it ..” 

The girl agreed and walked slowly until it was a Mombasa Jeep and stood outside and for a few seconds Mombasa pulled out his wallet with money and opened it. There was no Tanzanian or Kenyan currency, all in US dollars. “Take these will help you as a fare!” He said in Mombasa, the girl did not believe him, he saw it as a joke. He counted them, eight hundred dollars! “Loh! Thank you very much!” Monica said with a smile and hugged Mombasa happily. “Take my numbers, but don’t call me I’ll call you or text you, my husband is jealous and he answers my phone when he suspects me!” Monica said reading the phone numbers on the Business Card and calling Mzee Mombasa, she sniffed them. “What time will you call me?” He questioned Mzee Mombasa he asked looking at him curiously. Play to love you !!!.

“At nine o’clock in the evening, don’t turn off the phone!” Monica said goodbye to Mombasa. Elder Mombasa was very surprised, in his life he had never loved so much, he discovered that he had never met the woman he loved, now he had found her and was ready to give her everything she wanted on the back of the world. Even when she was in the session, most of the thoughts were about the beauty she had met for a short time. He forgot many things he had planned to talk about, so he was reminded by his manager. Even the manager felt that the old man may have family problems, which is why he seemed depressed and sometimes shook his head.

 After the session, Mzee Mombasa looked at his watch again and discovered that it was 8.45 pm, the desire to talk to Monica came to him, his face came to him and he found his nail getting a strange excitement, fifteen minutes he saw it as a year, there was a time he wished phoned her and saw that it was dangerous, that she was someone’s wife and she might be with her husband and she would not like the blame for breaking up the marriage. ** When Monica got home, the first thing she did was check the money to see if it was legal, it was really fresh! Her husband was not there, he was a laborer where he worked as a weaver for women and even made them all kinds of styles. Their salon was in the Torch area, while they live in Ubungo lakes. 

“How much money does the man have, that is, he gives me wealth, that’s a greeting, what if I give him my dinner what will it be like?” Monica thought a lot, in her heart she told herself she had to figure out how to take the money from Mombasa and open her own business, she no longer wanted to be a housewife and wait to be brought in by her husband. He found himself picking up a phone card and calling an old man in Mombasa. “Shikamoo Momba….””Marahabaa how are you a beautiful woman like money…” “I’m fine, how are you?” “I’m safe, I wanted to call you but I was afraid I might be with your husband…” “No, my husband comes home late at night, his work doesn’t allow him to return home early…” “Okay, good thing we can see each other please…” “I’m home already…” “Where?” “Ubungo…” Monica did not want to tell him it was Ubungo Milk.

 “Then take a taxi and I’ll pay you to come to the Post Office… please…” “Mmh! Why is it so far away, move closer to the brain… if you approach me tell me I will leave… I don’t want to go too far, if my husband comes back and misses me at home, I will yell at you… ” “Where do you think I came from?” “I don’t know, see for yourself Sinza…” “Well, I’m coming…. I love you so much the woman of my life…” **

Monica was devastated, all she did was go into the bathroom to take a shower. He bathed the hostess very carefully, telling her “Be faithful in your marriage, I do not want to cheat, I will only cut her money,” so she was confident and assured herself that she would be faithful in her marriage. She loved her husband very much even though she did not have the money to take care of him and he was very nice, he was the one who gave her husband the capital to open a salon after asking his parents for business money. What will happen next? Do not miss


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