Home sport Simba SC Plants to Finish FC Platinum

Simba SC Plants to Finish FC Platinum


Simba midfielder, Jonas Mkude, has vowed to eat the same dish with his rivals FC Platinum who will face them today in the African Champions League match. The Lions will face FC Platinum in a game that is expected to be highly contested due to the quality of their opponents.

“The game will be tough due to our opponents preparing as well, in fact at the end of the day I have come to fight to the best of my ability, I am confident we will come back with positive results at home,” said Mkude. In addition, on behalf of the Chief Executive of Simba, 
Barbara Gonzalezame urged Tanzanians to continue to support them towards the game. The two missing Lions stars are captain John Bocco and number one goalkeeper Aishi Manula who was injured in the Mainland Premier League match against KMC STORY: Khadija Mngwai, Dar es Salaam


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