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It Is Necessary Now To Change Your Attitude To Love



FRIEND is another good Friday God has given us. We have seen many in love living in different situations. There are those who have money and those who do not. There are those who are happy and those who do not. 

All of this is compounded by a number of factors including lovers finding themselves falling in love driven by unfounded reasons. There are good reasons to fall in love.

 I have tried to find those that if you are not careful will plunge you into the abyss and you will find yourself regretting and crying. The level of meaning for lovers is small thus lowering the value of love. 

 After reading here, it is now time to change your view of romantic relationships. Entering into relationships for the purpose of economic assistance; here some have turned their loved ones into capital to lift them out of poverty. 

 In this kind of love, there is no emotional connection between lovers, but what unites them is what is in their pockets.

 The effects of this kind of love open many doors for unfaithful characters.

There is a fear of age passing and aging; In this regard there are many, especially women who have found themselves accepting men as long as they get married because they are old enough so they are afraid of not getting married.

 There is the issue of falling in love because of pregnancy. You must differentiate between the reason why they gave birth to a child before it is not what will cause them to marry. Let the reason for your marriage be your sincere love and not your pregnancy. here often when a person is single they think that love can be the solution to their problems.

 There are some who thought that love was the solution to the loneliness they had and once they got into it, communication between them deteriorated thus ending loneliness. Getting married because of pressure from parents, relatives or friends; pressure like this can be emotional or real.

 Emotionalism is when relatives or parents persuade you to get married because age seems to give you a hand and your other parents insist that they want grandchildren. Pressure like this is when parents force their children to marry certain people just because they are friends or because they want to protect wealth.

 Many marriages of this kind have become a nightmare of bitterness and tears. Ask yourself; are you falling in love with your happiness or your parents? Deciding to get married or get married; this happens to those who are used to being coerced by parents in everything they do. Some run away from their families because they are not understood, they are not organized so they want to leave so that they can start their own.

 Sisters and brothers are tired of being judged and restricted to wearing, eating, doing things, going out and coming back for a while so they think getting into love will get them out of jail.

 The goal of falling in love, whether good or bad, is what will make the kind of life happy or painful. The result is that the couple begin to look for satisfaction outside of the relationship and then other things are born such as adultery, separation, divorce or strife.

 Because of lack of knowledge; many do not know what to do to keep their will strong. The value of love and how it is perceived by the people around us these days is different from the times of our parents and this has led some to find themselves in love for a bad reason so the relationship breaks down after only a short time. 

 But it is now important for couples to realize that things have changed. But nowadays when a girl is found to be a virgin she is laughed at and people surprise her when they feel she has some problems.

 Dating and dating have become commonplace, values ​​are no longer a matter of attention and now many couples have emotional wounds, but it is worth it now to change your attitude about love! For today I end here,


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