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Has He Used You Then He Left You? Don’t Hurt, Do This!


We learn, we meditate together about our lives.

 No one is perfect, everyone learns every day. You may think you know things, but your partner knows better. Fairness is about building a habit of learning.

 The key is to allow your mind to discover new things every day, to be truly a good person in the family and even in your romantic relationship. Naturally, humans do not want bad things to happen to us unless they happen to us. 

You do bad things to your partner when you believe that you are clever, believing that by doing so you will be robbing your partner of something that is not right. It’s good to know that it’s a bad thing that you don’t want to be done, so it’s also good not to do it to your partner.

 I say that because in relationships many people have been crying because of the bad things their spouse is doing to them.


You will find someone crying, he was with his girlfriend but suddenly he starts to change. He begins to show violence to her or even to another partner. 

You find someone who has been struggling with a partner for a long time, they have come a long way but all of a sudden things change. You planned to make a living with him. You are prepared to do a lot of great things in your life, for example you wanted to date and even later get married, suddenly your partner gets into trouble before you achieve your goals. It hurts. 

It’s sad because your promises melt in a moment when you don’t expect them. It is a period in which you give all your mind and thoughts to your partner and at the end of the day he simply drops you off. Your mind suffers from thoughts. It hurts because you love her.

 You don’t need to see him go away from you. Unfortunately, when a human being loves a person, he sometimes finds himself in a trance. He fails to notice the things his partner may not have liked from the beginning. Maybe he was pretending to love her but he didn’t. She has someone she loves. He makes her the bridge to her journey to the pinnacle of success. You are left crying alone after running away from you.


When you face a challenge like this, though it hurts but you have come to the point where you decide to take heart. Say it is enough for you to be in pain, get to the point and you refuse to suffer so that you can live comfortably like other human beings. You planned a lot yes, you had a lot of life strategies, it was dating and getting married but it failed. 

You put a lot of energy, intelligence and even money to help your partner when you were together, does it hurt? You forgive me! Thank God for what you have given, consider whether you have sacrificed for orphans or for anyone in need.

 Decide to get up and fight again. The issue of him wasting your time should not hurt your head, let him be dealt with by his God, you deal with your happiness because that is everything. Seek peace of mind at all costs. Money, another partner will all just come. 

God has given you the ability to seek, God can give you exactly what you need. You will find the right person. You will forget all the passages, believe me God will never let you suffer!


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